Warren E. Buffett

Real name: Warren Edward Buffett
When was Warren Buffett born? 30 August 1930
How old is Warren Buffett in 2017? 86 years
Where was Warren Buffett born? Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Warren Buffett net worth and salary: Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world who has a net worth of $75 billion. Warren Buffett is arguably the most famous and successful investor in history. If you had invested $10,000 with Warren Buffett in 1966, today you would have over $160 million! That same $10,000 invested in the S&P would be $140,000. Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 99% of his net worth to charity before he dies. 83% of the money will go to The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. That equates to roughly $41 billion which makes it the largest charitable gift in human history. Buffett’s philanthropy has inspired other billionaires to pledge at least 50% of their net worth to charity in their lifetimes as well, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

The 78 year-old Warren Buffett is notorious for investing in products he actually uses. For example, he owns Fruit of the Loom because he enjoyed their shirts and underwear. Warren has made headlines recently after his love of a specific brand of suit led him to invest in the Chinese firms Trands Co. He’s not the only powerful guy sporting Trands: Former Chinese President Hu Jintao and billionaire Bill Gates are also big fans of the brand. The Oracle of Omaha and CEO of financial powerhouse Berkshire Hathaway also recently made a video commemorating the apparel company’s 30th anniversary and took the opportunity to gush about his nine Trands suits. The best part? Even though the cheapest Trands suit costs $880, Buffett hasn’t paid a dime for his wardrobe though he claims he has asked for a bill. It’s not a bad investment for Trands’ founder and Buffett gal-pal Li Guilian, whose stock has risen 70% since the video went public.

Net Worth details: Buffett’s fortune is mostly due to his 18 percent interest in Berkshire Hathaway. That share earned him 20.8 percent each year from 1965 to 2016. Buffett owns nearly 300 thousand Class A shares and almost 150 thousand Class B shares of the company. He also owns more than two million shares of both Wells Fargo and Seritage Growth Properties, nearly 900 thousand shares of U.S. Bancorp, and 9,000 more shares of IBM. Even with all of those holdings, his Berkshire Hathaway shares have been calculated to represent over 98 percent of his net worth. He also donates around five percent of that stock to charity each summer.

  • He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world
  • Buffett is the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, and is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people
  • He was ranked as the world’s wealthiest person in 2008 and as the third wealthiest in 2015
  • In 2012 Time named Buffett one of the world’s most influential people
  • Buffett is often referred to as the “Wizard of Omaha” or “Oracle of Omaha,” or the “Sage of Omaha,” and is noted for his adherence to value investing and for his personal frugality despite his immense wealth
  • Buffett is a notable philanthropist, having pledged to give away 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily via the Gates Foundation
  • On April 11, 2012, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, for which his doctors successfully completed treatment in September 2012
  • Buffett is also active in contributing to political causes, having endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president during the 2016 campaign season

Executive Profile

Mr. Warren E. Buffett has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. since 1970. Mr. Buffett is the Owner of IMC Group. He serves as Manager and Member of the Board of Managers at Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC. He has over 43 years of experience as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of publicly traded and private companies, providing the board of directors with a strong background in finance, investing and other complex subjects. His extensive experience in investing and building companies provides the board of directors with strong leadership and an investor’s perspective. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chairman of Salomon Inc. from August 18, 1991 to June 3, 1992 and Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chairman at Salomon Brothers Inc. from August 18, 1991 to May 27, 1992. He served as an Investment Salesman from Buffett-Falk & Co., Omaha from 1951 to 1954. He served as a Securities Analyst at Graham-Newman Corp., New York from 1954 to 1956. He served as a General Partner at Buffett Partnership, Ltd. from 1956 to 1969. Mr. Buffett serves as the Chairman of Borsheim Jewelry Company, Inc. He has been Director of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. since 1965, Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc. since 1987 and has been Independent Director at The Kraft Heinz Company since June 2013. He has been a Director of Kraft Heinz Intermediate Corporation II since 2013. He has been a Director of The Kraft Heinz Foods Company since June 07, 2013. He has been a Director of Precision Castparts Corp. since January 29, 2016. He has been a Director of The Lubrizol Corporation since September 16, 2011, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company since March 2000 and Hawk Acquisition Intermediate Corporation II since 2013. He serves as a Trustee of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Grinnell College. He serves as a Life Trustee of The Urban Institute. He served as a Director of H. J. Heinz Company since June 7, 2013 and H. J. Heinz Corporation II from June 2013 to July 2015. He served as a Lead Director of Graham Holdings Company until May 12, 2011 and its Director from May 11, 1974 to January 3, 1986 again from May 1996 to May 12, 2011. He served as a Director of The Washington Post Company from May 1996 to May 2011. He served as a Director of The Coca-Cola Company from 1989 to April 2006. He served as a Director of The Gillette Company, Inc. He is a Member of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Buffett received a Master’s degree in Economics from Columbia University in 1951, a B.S. degree from University of Nebraska in 1950, attended the Wharton School of Finance at University of Pennsylvania from 1947 to 1949 and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, D.C., in 1947.

Corporate Headquarters

3555 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

United States

Phone: 402-346-1400
Fax: —

Board Members Memberships


Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC


Grinnell College


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Borsheim Jewelry Company, Inc.


Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.



Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc.



Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company



The Lubrizol Corporation



Kraft Heinz Intermediate Corporation II


Independent Director

The Kraft Heinz Company



The Kraft Heinz Foods Company



Precision Castparts Corp.


Master’s Degree 1951

Columbia University

BS 1950

University of Nebraska

Unknown/Other Education 1949

University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School