Broker comparison

When looking for a broker or trading platform it is important to find the best solution that suits the investor needs. Beginner investors choose the brokers with low fees and minimum starting balance. Also the trading technology and platform should be easy to use. Below we have a breakdown of several stock brokers. As we are affiliated with (E-Trade company) we are suggesting their services. And with the real reason, their fees are low, their platform is really convenient and easy to use. I am personally also using Interactive Brokers that is most advanced platforms available in globe and the fees are also very very low, but their starting balance (account opening) for private user is minimum USD 10 000 and it is not the first choice for beginners. But let’s say that the choice is yours.


Trading in

  • #1 for Commissions & Fees as well as Options Trading
  • $4.95 stock trades
  • $4.95 + $.50 per contract option trades




There are definitely wide choice of brokers available online, but by choosing the cheapest and most reputable, one can be sure that you do not pay excess amount of fees and your funds are kept safe. 

• Infinitely customization trading platform that gives you the view of the market you want.

• Proprietary trading tools that help you better manage risk and find new strategies and ideas.

• Platform with mobile apps that keep you in control of your trading from anywhere.

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