Hi! First I’d like to thank you for visiting my website!

I am the owner and senior contributor of Valueinsiders.com. I started investing over 20 years ago, last 18 years I have been active investor.  

I am true believer of contrarianism and I am focused on distressed investing. There are few fund managers, websites, blogs that are focused only on companies in distress or are transforming their business back to life.

Having corporate banking background I was working closely with largest companies in Eastern Europe. Seeing them grow, helping them in bad times, advising mergers and being their close partner. As a banker, I tend to fit every last of thing into certain parameters. And as a banker, this is the scale of risk. And I hate risk, I try to avoid loss as much as possible. Still, the risk in our lives is inevitable. We can not avoid it, we need to live with it. So in investing, I accept only reasonable and calculated risk. Limited and controlled risk.

But what about investing and returns, if risk avoidance is the main concern. Yes, I have set the minimum growth rate for portfolio also, and it is surprisingly – aggressive. I do not accept long term returns less than 20% per annum. For short term it is fine for me to pocket 9% and even less annual returns. In longer perspective, the growth must exceed the averages a lot.

So how to achieve this? My answer is, by doing things differently. By seeing things that others do not see, buy buying things that others are selling, by selling when others are buying. The classic approach, simple to say, hard to follow. Yes, this is contrarianism – the most difficult style of investing. It takes hard work to get into this philosophy.

I am created Valueinsiders.com because I believe that my investment philosophy can also help others. Being investor is not just buying and selling stocks, it is lifestyle, continuous work until the day you start seeing things differently – seeing the world right. It takes time. By not giving up, success comes to you.

Best regards,
Aimar R.