Infographics: 5 Stock Market Rules to Follow and One Investing Mistake to Avoid

Do you follow guru-investors? Do you read the books written about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger or books written by Seth Klarman or Joel Greenblatt? Do you read interviews or focus on the screen when there is some superinvestor in the CNBC giving interview. Yes, we all do! We published today a post with 5 main mistakes the new investor should avoid when investing. But we also just found a perfect infographics with 5 stock main rules from investment gurus. The infographics is published now to you via website and here is their summary of publisher:

“There are a few stock market pros that I do follow, not for their individual stock picks but for timeless stock market rules that they offer. The five investing rules below have been proven time and again and are a few of the eight stock market basics I follow to manage my own money.”